Fusing and Slumping Overview



Fused Pendants

In this class, student will be taught how to cut and arrange glass that will be placed in a kiln and later brought up to 1480 degrees to create beautiful glass pendants.  Students will be taught through demonstrations and hands-on instruction different methods for cutting, working with and arranging glass.  This class is perfect for students of all ages and with little to no prior experience in glass.  All class participants will go home with something they will be proud to say they made.  This class is ideal for the younger students with an artistic flare or someone just wanting to give something new a try.  This class has no age limit, but children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult. Saturdays 9 am -12 pm.  Limit 6 people. $95.00 


Fused glass for the home

Fusing is the perfect medium for anyone who has an eye for color and design, even if a student has very little or no experience.  In this class, students will focus on color and design to use skills learned to make their very own plate, bowl or platter. Students will be taught essential fused glass techniques including how to safely and correctly cut and place the glass; as well as how to use molds to “slump” glass into different shapes. - Meets  Wednesdays 6 pm- 9 pm.  3 week class.  Limit 6 people $225.00