Flameworking Overview


INtro to Flameworking

In this class, students will be taught the ancient art of flameworking using borosilicate glass.  Students will learn how to manipulate molten glass by using heat, gravity and traditional tools.   The goal of this class is for students, with no prior experience, to learn some basic flameworking skills and create some beautiful objects . Classes held Saturdays (every other) see schedule. $95.00


INtro to Figurines

Intro to figurines will teach students through demonstrations and hands-on instruction how to manipulate molten glass into figurines of their choice using heat, gravity and traditional tools. This class is ideal both for students with no prior experience in flameworking as well as students with some experience who are looking to expand their knowledge of the art form.  Students can expect to leave the class with a general understanding of borosiliate glass as well as a few handmade figurines. Classes held Saturdays ( every other ) see schedule. $95.00


Studio Flameworking

In this class students will be taught the fundamentals of flameworking.  This is a skill building class, which will focus on learning the techniques of flameworking.  In this class we will explore the full process of flameworking - from setting up the torch to the final annealing process.  Students in this class can leave with flameworking skills they can use for future endeavors, as well a basic idea of what goes into a flameworking studio. Classes held Tuesdays 6pm- 9pm. 3 week class - $225.00