Fall 2018 After School Classes


If your child loves to create beautiful things, enjoys different art mediums or likes learning new things, then our after-school classes are where they need to be!  We offer several flameworking and fused glass classes to students ages 9 to 18 years old. Our after school programs are a great way to keep your kid entertained when school gets out.  Our classes are hands-on, engaging, educational and fun. We will also help our students build a eye-popping portfolio that will set them apart during the admissions process at any private or specialty school or college.

Flameworking 101

This intensive class will meet for the entire Fall 2018 semester.  In this class, students will be taught the fundamentals of flameworking.  This is a skill building class, which will focus on learning the fundamental techniques of flameworking.  Throughout the semester, students will learn how to make various pendants, marbles, figurines and small blown vessels.  This class is intended for those students looking to learn about the art of flameworking; and, for students who are interested in building on acquired skills. Throughout the semester, we will look deeper into the full process of flameworking - from setting up the torch to the final annealing process.  Students will leave this class with a dizzying array of flamed glass art perfect for the start of any art portfolio, newly acquired skills and a significant understanding of the art of flamed glass. (No prior experience required) 

Class Duration: 8 weeks

Class Length: 2 hours

Fused Glass 101

This is a four week class perfect for any student interested in learning more about the art of fused glass. In this class, student will be taught how to cut and arrange glass that will be placed in a kiln and later brought up to 1480 degrees to create beautiful glass pendants.  Students will be taught through demonstrations and hands-on instruction different methods for cutting, working with and arranging glass. All students will go home with several pieces they will be proud to say they made. This class is ideal for the younger students with an artistic flare or someone just wanting to give something new a try.  






Studio Mix

This intensive class will meet for the entire Fall 2018 semester.  This class will be an in-depth study on the medium of glass.  We will focus on all areas of glass including stained glass, glass fusing, flameworking, cold-working and sandblasting.  Monthly, we will rotate studios so students are able to have plenty of time studying each area of glass. Classes will be conducted with a focus on demonstrations, hands-on participation, and creative studio time.  Lessons on the best safety practices will be continually incorporated into the curriculum. Students will participate in critiques as well as lessons in glass history and theory. In addition to in-depth studio time, we will assist students in the development of an art portfolio for them to use as part of a college or specialty school application.

(No prior experience required)